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Thursday, August 16, 2007

HBOh no they cancelled another show!

I normally refrain from actually "blogging" on my blog and simply share my silliness. But I am driven to actually write by the c-suckers at HBO. Why do they continually create intriguing, entertaining and unique television only to cancel these programs prematurely? Please someone help me understand!

I loved obsessed over Carnivale, they cancelled it.
Deadwood haunts my dreams, they cancelled it.
Luckie Louie cracked my ass up, they cancelled it.
Rome amazed me with it's beauty and won me over with the charming main characters of Vorenus and Pullo they cancelled it.
I just started to get hooked on John from Cincinatti, they fucking cancelled it!

C'mon HBO get it together! and don't even think of cancelling Flight of the Conchords!


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